FAQ "LogiScan-600/800/1100"

How can I "bring back to life" the device if after the software update neither application nor the operating system DeOS are started?

Make a software update with the file Defibrillator.mot (can be downloaded from the product page of the device). Then load your application.

How can I re-transfer data already transferred?

In order to be able to transfer data already transmitted, the data on the device may not be erased by MTWin-5 after the data transmission, but must only be marked as "already transmitted" (MTWin-5 function option> Transmission> after data reception> transmission Lock). For a new data transmission, the "MTWin-5" function must be used to clear the "Utilites→Clear Transmission Lock" function. Subsequently, the data can be retransmitted.

How can I read barcodes with a LogiScan-600/800/1100 without special application?

  • Call up the system menu on the LogiScan-600/800/1100 (refer to corresponding FAQ).
  • Call menu function Test→Code/RF-ID. "Barcode Test" is displayed in the title line.
  • All barcode types activated in the scanner module can now be scanned. The corresponding barcode type is displayed.

How can I read data from a LogiScan-600/800/1100 with a computer that is not operated under Windows?

The prerequisite is that this computer supports USB/HID.

  • Use the Serial HID Adapterand set the MTWin mode.
  • Connect the computer to the USB/HID interface of the Serial HID Adapter.
  • On the computer, start the application to receive the data.
  • Connect the LogiScan-600/800/1100 to the RS-232 interface of the Serial HID Adapter.
  • The Serial HID Adapter calls the data via the MTWin interface of the LogiScan-600/800/1100 and outputs it to the connected computer on the USB/HID interface.

How can I read transponder tags with a LogiScan-600/800/1100 without special application?

  • Call up the system menu on the LogiScan-600/800/1100 (see corresponding FAQ).
  • Call the menu function Test→Code/RF-ID. "Barcode test" is displayed in the title line.
  • Press SHIFT SCAN to switch to the RFID test. "Barcode test" is displayed in the title line.
  • Now all transponder tags activated in the RFID module can be read. The corresponding transponder type is displayed.

How can I set the name and destination directory for the transferred data?

The transmission option can be selected for the receive file between "Collection File" (the data of all devices are collected in file MTWin.txt) and "Generation with Serial Number" (for each device a separate file is created).

Under Option→Directories, target directory and file name can be set for the received data. Different placeholders (for serial number, station number, date and time) can be used to generate the file name. In this way, it is possible to create a unique file name for each data transfer (detailed description contains the MTWin-5 manual).

A destination path given in the STX line at the beginning of the data transmitted by the mobile terminal replaces the destination path settings made in MTWin-5 and allows the transferred data to be stored in any different directories.

How can I set the transponder types to be read in the LogiScan-600/800/1100 in the RFID module?

When a LogiScan-600/800/1100 with RFID module is delivered, all transponder types are normally activated. If the transponder types in the RFID module are set by the application, a manual setting is not possible or will be overwritten by the next start of the application. If the transponder types are not set by the application, a manual configuration can be made as follows:

  • Connect the LogiScan-600/800/1100 to the desired COM port of the PC.
  • Call up the system menu on the LogiScan-600/800/1100 (see corresponding FAQ),
  • Call the Admin→System menu function and press SHIFT 9,
  • Select "RF-ID Port" and press ENTER,
  • Com0 (this is the normal RS-232 interface, which is also used for data transmission) and press ENTER.
  • Start the ACG Utility on the PC (can be downloaded from the product page).
  • Select and connect the appropriate COM port.
  • In the "Operation Mode" field, the desired transponder types can be activated / deactivated.
  • Clicking the button "Apply Settings" writes the settings to the RFID module.
  • Afterwards, the ACG Utility can be terminated and the application can be started on the LogiScan-600/800/1100.

How can I transfer the data received from MTWin-5 into any Windows application?

Using the AutoHotkey Open Source software and a script, you can transfer the data received by MTWin-5 into any Windows application. The demonstration software AutoHotkey Demo for MTWin shows how to do that.

How do I access the system menu?

  • Produce a hardware reset. "System Tests - DATABASE: wait ..." is displayed.
  • Wait until "DATABASE: init." is displayed,
  • Press the SHIFT key on the lower left of the keyboard,
  • Wait until the system tests are complete.
  • Press MENU to enter the system menu.

How do I perform a hardware reset of the device?

Simultaneously pressing the following buttons with the device switched on:

  • LogiScan-600: F1, F3 and 9
  • LogiScan-800: 2, 5, and 7
  • LogiScan-1100: F1, F4 and 9

Since the detected data are stored in the flash ROM, they are retained during a hardware reset.

How do I transfer the data stored on the device to a host computer?

Basically, the type of data transmission (cable-bound or GPRS) depends on the device hardware concerned and the application installed on the device.

Normally, nearly every application provides the cable-bound data transmission, which can be used on the PC by the freely available Windows software MTWin-5. Since the data interface of MTWin-5 is documented in the MTWin-5 manual and thus freely accessible, the data transfer function can also be integrated into customer-specific applications.

Devices with GPRS module, a SIM card and a corresponding application enable data transmission to an FTP server. The SIM card and FTP parameters must either be loaded via parameter table or set in the GPRS setup.

We want to introduce barcode recognition in our company. Which barcode type should we choose?

The different barcode types differ in some cases substantially in terms of the character size, the information density, the max. Number of codable characters and security. While 1D barcodes can be read by almost all barcode readers (1D and 2D barcode scanners) 2D barcode scanners are required for 2D barcodes. All these characteristics and criteria must be taken into account when bar codes are to be used in a company.

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Why does the battery icon in the status line not show the correct charge status of the battery?

If the battery has been inserted or replaced, the battery symbol in the status line (regardless of the actual charge state of the battery) always shows half the battery charge. Only after the charging electronics integrated in the device has determined that the battery was fully charged for the first time, the battery symbol corresponds to the charge level of the battery.