Production Planning, Control and Optimization

Innovative Solutions from GNT4U with aitronic Terminals

The company GNT4U GmbH is one of the leading system house when it's about innovative MES and CAM solutions for the machine industry. With presently 20 employees they develop and distribute at 6 locations in Germany integral systems within the MES field. Thereby the focus is set on an editor supported CAM System with machine room simulation of NC code as well as on the fields MDE and BDE. For this fields the aitronic GmbH developes mobile and stationary terminals for GNT4U .

A challenge which matches exactly our core competence. Especially we develop and produce the following devices for GNT4U:

GNT4U.NET MultiTrans-I
By means of the MultiTrans-I of GNT4U all NC data may be retrieved at the machine controls operating desk and optimized programs may be transmitted back at once.

Directly installed at the location where it happens - at the machine or at the workplace - this versatile applicable device captures all data which is relevant for the operating process and transmits them by means of radio or cable to a central server for processing and archiving.

Especially in MDE/BDE fields the MultiTrans-I provides unexpected advantages, because with this innovative hardware solution not only operating data at the workplace may be captured, but also machine and equipment states may be combined via the MDE interface directly with them.

GNT4U.NET MultiTrans
The MultiTrans is a fully-fledged DNC/MDE/BDE terminal with RS-232, LAN and MDE interface as well as a connector for a hand-held barcode scanner. This device deals as interface terminal between DNC Server and the paritcular machine.

By means of the alphanumerical keyboard and the background lighted 5 line display NC applications as well as machine and/or operating data messages may be disposed.

Optionally this terminal is also available with WLAN.

GNT4U.NET MobiTrans
This mobile DNC terminal was specially developed for flexible data communication: It allows the usage at several workplaces with different controls and spares the operator the annoying cabling of machines because of useful radio control. Consisting of a intelligent software and the base/charging station with network compliant IP address which is installed in the center of the production area this 400 gram light MobiTrans is ready for operation at the push of a button. For a reliable data communication the switched-on terminal searches automatically the connection to the base station. Afterwards a workplace is chosen out of the master data administration and the communication via the serial line is started.

GNT4U.NET InterTrans
This DNC/MDE Interface also provides RS-232, LAN, MDE and a hand-held barcode scanner connector.

In opposite to the MultiTrans the transmission of NC data with this devices takes place with the dummy procedure. In addition this terminal deals for capturing and feedback of MDE signals.