What are the advantages of Android-based LogiScan devices?

Simple Integration of Barcode Scanner and RFID Reader

This video shows you how easy it is to integrate barcode scanners and RFID readers into existing and self-developed apps and web applications for android-based LogiScan by aitronic using the Android app devin is:

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Android-based mobile computer with powerful, removable battery, support for quick charging and pistol grip. Qualcomm octa-core processor with 5.5-inch display. Equipped with a barcode scanner and NFC, this mobile computer meets the requirements in the areas of logistics, storage, manufacturing, retail, plant tracking, inspection of electricity patrols, etc.

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Industrie-Tablet-PC mit Android 9.0

Robuster industrietauglicher Tablet-PC mit 1D/2D-Barcode-Scanner, UHF-RFID-Leser und NFC

Android-basierter robuster mobiler Tablet-Computer mit schneller 4G-Konnektivität und leistungsfähigem Octa-Core-Prozessor, sowie umfassenden Datenerfassungsoptionen wie UHF-Reader, leistungsstarkem 1D/2D-Scanner und empfindlichem Fingerabdruck-Scanner.

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HTML5 Android Web Browser for Barcode and RFID Applications

Transfer barcode and RFID data into proprietary web applications.

The Android app aiBrowser interacts with the Android app devin and allows you to take over with the barcode scanner or RFID reader of an android-based LogiScan scanned data using JavaScript function calls or through KeyUp / KeyDown events in web applications.

The aiBrowser starts with the URL set in the configuration. The auto-login functionality provides easy access to password-protected web pages. The configuration can be saved in a file and loaded from it.

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Barcode and RFID Management

Capture barcode and RFID data in any app or integrate barcode scanners and RFID readers into self-developed apps.

The Android app devin allows you to transfer the data scanned by the bar code scanner or RFID reader to the keyboard buffer or the clipboard of an android-based LogiScan. Alternatively, a broadcast message is also possible. Thus, the barcode scanner and the RFID reader can serve as a data source for each app.

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Inventory Scanner Rent


Inventory made easy.

You only carry out an inventory once a year, but you do not want to buy your own equipment? Then simply rent your inventory scanners! You describe how your inventory data collection looks like. We provide you with inventory-based inventory equipment that is either equipped with a standard application (item number, quantity) or with an application specially designed for your requirements. Our data transfer software "MTWin-5" stores the recorded data on your PC in CSV format.

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Mobile Device Management

MobiControl powered by SOTI

Central administration of mobile devices

SOTI MobiControl is the central administration of mobile devices in the corporate network. This solution provides direct support for rugged handheld PCs with Windows CE/Mobile operating systems, as well as smartphones and tablets with iOS, Android or Blackberry.

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