Merchandise Management System JTL-Wawi with JTL-WMS Mobile App

Integration of Android-based MDE devices into Merchandise Management System JTL-Wawi

The JTL-WMS Mobile App is a software that can be installed on mobile data acquisition devices such as smartphones, tablets and MDE devices. Through the interaction of JTL-WMS and the mobile app, it is possible to improve the existing warehouse operations. Some operations are possible only by using the mobile app. To install the JTL-WMS mobile app, an existing JTL-Wawi and JTL-WMS is required.

Benefits of the JTL-WMS mobile app are:

  • direct processing at the storage location eliminates the need for duplicate data collection,
  • data is directly in the WMS,
  • inputs are checked for validation directly when scanning,
  • data base is evaluated for each scan,
  • differences are reported directly,
  • never again transfer errors,
  • any action can be traced retroactively.

The following of our Android-based MDE devices are suitable for interacting with JTL-Wawi:

On these MDE devices the Android app devin (for barcode and RFID management) is pre-installed. After installing and setting up the JTL-WMS Mobile App, barcodes and RFID tags can be processed directly in collaboration with JTL-Wawi.

The following video shows how scanned barcode data is transferred to the JTL-WMS Mobile App using devin via the keyboard buffer: