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aiBrowser, allgemeine Einstellungen
aiBrowser, Autologin-Einstellungen


HTML5 Android Web Browser for Barcode and RFID Applications

The Android app aiBrowser interacts with the Android app devin and allows the transfer of the scanned barcode scanner or RFID reader data of an android-based LogiScan into web applications. The aiBrowser is HTML-5 compliant and is useful for modern JavaScript-based web applications (such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV). The optional kiosk mode prevents access to the system.

The aiBrowser offers, among others, the following functionality:

  • Default URL to be called when aiBrowser is started can be set.
  • Transfer of the scan data using JavaScript function call or by KeyUp / KeyDown events.
  • Auto-login functionality for password-protected web pages.
  • Save and load the settings into / from configuration file.
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