FAQ "Data Transmission, RS-232"

How can I transfer data from any device that has an RS-232 interface to a computer without additional software?

The prerequisite is that this computer supports USB/HID.

  • Use the Serial HID Adapter.
  • Deactivate the MTWin mode if this is set.
  • Set the parameters of the RS-232 interface of the Serial HID Adapter to match the device to be connected.
  • Connect the computer to the USB / HID interface of the Serial HID Adapter.
  • On the computer, start the application to receive the data.
  • Connect the device to the RS-232 interface of the Serial HID Adapter and start the data output.
  • The Serial HID Adapter accepts the data and outputs it to the connected computer on the USB/HID interface.

What can be the cause of data loss during data transmission via an RS-232 interface?

If the computer or the device which receives the data via the RS-232 interface can not process it as quickly as the connected device transmits it, the RS-232 interface must be operated with a handshake. This can be a hardware handshake (RTS/CTS, where the serial connection must contain these 2 signal lines) or a software handshake (XON/XOFF). The same type of handshake must be set on both communicating devices.